Stormwater runoff starts with the rain on your roof flowing through your stormwater pipes, to underground drains and then offsite. It also includes rain that falls on pavements, concrete driveways, poo areas and any external hard surface on your property. Drainr Plumbing & Excavation can assist in stormwater issues, such as blocked stormwater pipes, roof eaves and gutters to paving areas, causing water to flow into the home.

At any point in the system, if the water can’t move effectively, it will cause problems. Water can quickly build up, resulting in a pooling and in extreme cases, flooding. Drainr Plumbing & Excavation can advise on this and also carry out rectification works to ensure this isn’t a problem for your property.

If you’ve noticed a problem with your stormwater pipes or drainage, contact us – we’re the specialists in stormwater solutions.


With over 35 years experience and the experience to clear any blocked drain, we provide a professional plumbing and drainage service with a strong focus on customer service.

  • Over 35 Years Experience
  • Family Owned and Opereated
  • Reputable
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  • We clean up after ourselves
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We offer a flat fee of $250.00 including GST for all blocked drain issues. All plumbing works are then quoted on site, but you can be sure you'll be getting the best value for your dollar with Drainr Plumbing & Excavation.

If it's an emergency, we can head out within the hour (depending on resource availabilities), however we do our best to be on site as soon as possible. Call us on 0408445077 and we'll give you an arrival time.

We offer 7 years warranty on all home construction works, and offer a generous warranty for materials and worksmanship.

Simply call us on 0408445077 now or fill out our contact form here and we'll call you back shortly.